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As true blue Lexingtonian, Greg Watts of Watts Concrete Contractors LLC was born to natives of Winchester and Nicholasville, Kentucky. He knows virtually every part of Fayette County and the surrounding areas.


Greg began his career as a construction foreman for his father, Dan E. Watts in

the '50s in Lexington area. You can see pieces of his father's work today in many businesses.

Founding the business

Upon reaching adulthood in the '70s, Greg joined forces with his brother, Danny to create Watts Concrete in 1974. They love to laugh about the fact that they were known by the nickname Disco Concrete because they loved to wear out the

dance floors.

A family-owned and operated business

Watts Concrete Contractors LLC still operates as a family and locally owned and operated business. Greg's wife and son currently work for the business, and Greg hopes to have his daughter join them in the future.


Greg appreciates his son's strength and input on every job. Greg started teaching his son the business when his son took his first baby steps. Greg is proud of his son's talent and work ethic.


Greg's wife has been managing the office since 1998 and has greatly improved processes, which allows for fantastic customer service. She also works hard to provide temporary accommodations in the Lexington area and provide many services to clients of Allyson Art Photography.

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Proudly serving the Lexington area

For over 40 years, Watts Concrete Contractors LLC has been a regular name in the Lexington area. Advancements in technology, improvements in communication and advertising, and a growing economy have made us the trusted business we are today.


Every year the Better Business Bureau of Lexington makes an effort to recruit Watts Concrete Contractors LLC as a member. While we don't know how many other companies get this call, we've been told this invitation is due to a high number of inquiries and our incredible track record over the years.


In addition, we're proud to receive thoughtful goodies and drinks while we work for you on a hot day, and we've been amazed by the generous tips that have been offered to our employees.